Cuckold couples: an erotic triangle

SCuckold dating are by no means a novelty of modern times. On the contrary, sex and erotic fantasies of the past have nothing to envy to those living in today’s society.

The initial principle of cuckolding seems to come from very far away, even from the eighth BC, and that is mixed with candaulesimo.

According to the Histories of Herodotus, the king of Lydia Candaule loved to sing the physical praises of his queen.

One day, engaged in a conversation with his own bodyguard Gige, she convinced him to spy on the queen naked without her knowing anything about it.

In reality, cuckolding and hotwife dating is more inherent to the dynamics of the couple, than just voyeurism. In fact, sexual pleasure comes precisely from seeing one's wife having sex with a bull and not just showing her off to the occasional lover.

Of course, in addition to the cuckold husband, we can’t forget that there is also the cuckold wife, called with the term cuckquean or reverse cuckold.

Hotwife dating sites and communities: our mini reviews

We come to what is the heart of our in-depth analysis, that is, the research of what, in our opinion, are the most interesting poly dating apps and chats to try.

Alongside these, as you will see, there are also very well-known names in the industry that, although we do not consider particularly valid, represent a bit 'of the "history" of hotwife dating in and outside on the web. is a certainty, in the panorama of poly dating sites. The homepage is immediately very explicit, characterized by intriguing photos of online users. Registration is free, but there are only two options: sign up as a polyamorous dating couple or as a bull.

This kind of selection at the entrance is a great way to be sure that there are only people really interested in this practice.The users are always verified and checked, so the risk of fakes is really minimal. In addition, this poly dating site bets everything on discretion and anonymity of its members, protecting their data.

This service, at first glance, does not look like much. But, as you look closer, you’ll see that it’s rich in information, sections, even personal blogs.

At hotwife dating sites, as well as in any other polyamorous dating app, it is essential that there are real users with whom to get acquainted and then meet live and this poly dating site has all of that. is one of those poly dating apps, a bit of a couple of things, rather than a regular dating site.

So much so that, in some respects, we might call it more of a "hotwife dating community" than anything else. Surely, however, there is a lot of movement, several members and many interesting photos and videos to see.

In addition to the hotwife app sphere in the strict sense, you can also find sections dedicated to other things. Inside you'll find special sections with discussions, private or couple profiles, feeds and much more.

Security on cuckold dating sites

But since anonymity is everything for these cuckold dating sites, this website allows its users to show their faces only in VIP sections of the site, where thanks to permissions or payment of a subscription - you will sign a consent to view and share content barefaced (so with recognizable people).

If you are looking for couples, in full anonymity, in a simple, safe and above all fast way, we can only reiterate our full vote for cuckold dating sites that we mentioned today but in the end the only real advice we can give is: experiment.

If you are a couple, create various profiles and experiment in every cuckold dating app until you find the right one for you; if you are a bull looking for a couple, approach in a sincere and genuine way and make this fantasy real for you and for the cuck and sweet couple that will live it with you.

If you still have doubts, we suggest a brush up on "what it means to be cuckold" and for the rest: have fun!


Of cuckold dating sites there are many on the Web but only those reported in this guide have high levels of security, offer real contacts and accounts and have very high rates of success and appreciation. Obviously as in real life we do not expect to find immediately the person to meet or to know: we always proceed step by step, we deepen the knowledge and finally we organize a live meeting, so we can move from virtual to real.